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Computer lab with students
College Technology Services


College Technology Services strives to provide the best technical support to enhance student learning outcomes and student services. College Technology Services fosters information literacy in the classroom and academic computing labs across the campus.

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm 
                        Friday, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
                        Saturday and Sunday, Office closed. No assistance available

Location: MC-215
Telephone: 619-388-2880


Mesa College is transitioning from the Pharos Print system to the PaperCut Print Management system for student printing. Students are now able to create a PaperCut print account, add funds to their print account using PayPal and send a print job from any device on or off campus. Click here for additional information.

The LRC and AVANZA (I4-203) are operating on the new PaperCut Print Management System. The Maas lab (C-108), Printing and Mail Services (MC-215) and Design Center (Z-303) are still operating on the Pharos system and will be transitioning to the new PaperCut Print Management system in the Spring 2018 semester. Students may visit Printing and Mail Services (MC-215) to add money to existing blue print cards.

If you have an existing print card or student CSID card with funds and would like to fully transition to the new PaperCut Print system, please visit the LRC MT2C on the 1st or 4th floor and we will be happy to transfer existing funds from your card to your new account.

Click the links below to learn how to create a new student account, add funds to an account using PayPal and how to use the Web Print feature which allows students to send print jobs from any device. 

How to Create a New Student PaperCut Account

How to Add Funds to a Student PaperCut Account Using PayPal

How to Print From Any Device Using Web Print

Mesa wireless Internet

Mesa College Wireless Internet (WiFi network name: Mesa Wireless) password is available. Please click here.


For Blackboard Help click HERE.


Academic and Instructional Technology Support

  • Please submit an Online Trouble Ticket or call 619-388-2880 to report a malfunctioning classroom or laboratory computer, podium, projector or other equipment. If this equipment needs immediate resolution please call 619-388-2880 and request assistance, you can also report broken copier/printer machines as well. Please note that the Online Trouble Ticket System is only accessible from SDCCD computers.
  • To request a computer or other equipment installation for your classroom, please submit a Hardware Request form (PDFWord). The deadline for Summer Session 2018 is April 2, 2018. The deadline for Fall 2018 is June 18, 2018. 
  • To request software installation or revision for your classroom, etc. please submit a Software Request form (PDFWord). The deadline for Summer Session 2018 is April 2, 2018. The deadline for Fall 2018 is June 18, 2018.
Administration, Faculty and Staff Technology Support

  • Please contact IT Help Desk at 619-388-7000, if you experience a problem with your office computer/laptop or district provided printer, plan office relocation, or need assistance with an installation of software on your computer/laptop.
  • Please contact Printing and Mail Services at 619-388-2764 to report a problem with Scantron machine or copiers for faculty and staff.
  • Please contact Juan Ortega at 619-388-2480 for office telephone assistance, such as new installation, relocation, resetting security code, voicemail setup, etc.

Classroom Podium Keys and Podium Training

  • Please submit an email to for classroom podium keys and/or classroom podium training.
  • Please provide in your email your availability so we can schedule an appropriate time to meet.
Audio Visual (AV) Equipment Support
The following equipment is available for check-out by faculty members. 
  • VCR Player
  • Slide/Overhead Projector
  • Laptop Computers
  • CD/DVD Player
  • LCD Projectors
  • Smart Carts
  • Audio Cassette Player
  • Digital Camera
  • Camcorder

For general inquiries on the technology equipment check-out, please contact Office of Technology Services at 619-388-2286. 

Audio Visual (AV) Equipment Setup Request for Events

If you are planning an event requiring AV support, please go to the Events & Reservation Portal and fill out the online Events & Reservation form. The Events & Reservation Portal is located here.

Scantron Locations

You can find Scantron readers in the following locations:

  • G-339
  • LOFT (LRC 4th Floor)
  • Z-208
  • S-324
  • K-108A
  • MS-302
Copier, Scantron and Pay-for-Print Problems
Please submit an Online Trouble Ticket
For immediate assistance, please contact Printing and Mail Services Department at 619-388-2880.