Institutional Effectiveness
7250 Mesa College Drive
Administration Building, Suite A-109
San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 619-388-2509

  • Hai Hoang, ALM
  • Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Phone: 619-388-5035
  • Nancy Cortés, MA 
  • Acting Associate Dean, Research and Planning
  • Phone: 619-388-2544
  • Kyung Ae Jun, MBA
  • Research and Planning Analyst
  • Phone: 619-388-5916

Adriana Caetano Fournier, M.S
Research and Planning Analyst 

Edson Cuellar Deciga, B.A
Regional Career & Technical Education Research Expert

  • Sahar M King, Ed.D.Candidate 
  • Administrative Assistant IV
  • Phone: 619-388-5087
Office of Institutional Effectiveness
institutional Effectiveness


Welcome to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Our vision is to seamlessly integrate and advance institutional effectiveness practices in a holistic manner that supports the overall mission, vision, and goals of the College and contributes to student success. In support of this, we strive to cultivate a strong culture of inquiry that extends across campus constituencies.


Who we are

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to provide college-wide leadership and support for the infrastructure and integration of the College's institutional effectiveness efforts. We promote a commitment to excellence and continuous quality improvement through college-wide planning, research, program review, outcomes assessment, resource allocation, and accreditation.

 What We Do

  • This office reports to the President of the College and serves all constituencies of the College. We coordinate annual and long-term planning for the College.
  • We support the Planning and institutional Effectiveness Committee (PIE), the Program Review Steering Committee (PRC), and the Committee on Outcomes and Assessment (COA)
  • We provide management, support, and training for the program review process.
  • We provide management, support, and training for the outcomes assessment process. We provide support and technical assistance to users of our Nuventive-based modules.
  • We house the Institutional Research Team


The Research & Planning Group for California Community Colleges
Society for College and University Planning
League for Innovation in the Community College
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges