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Currently, the Mesa College campus is temporarily closed due to concerns about the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19.  The situation is being closely monitored and the San Diego Community College District is responding with an abundance of caution to protect the health and safety of students, employees, and our community.   Mesa College will therefore now be operating remotely and for an indefinite period of time.  The San Diego Community College District is working with public health agencies to determine when on-campus operations will resume. 


UPDATE:  July 2021.  As we quickly inch closer to the Fall 2021 semester and are getting a clearer picture of operations and managment goals for Fall we will be ready to begin making awards and placing eligible students within the coming week(s) for Fall 2021.   Keep checking your Financial Aid Status in the student portal and be sure you have submitted any necessary docs and complete your electronic consent checklist item.  

Electronic consent option for Financial Aid students is active now for the 2021-22 academic year.  As this is the result of a federal mandate, students MUST accept the electronic consent indicator in order to receive any electronic Financial Aid notifications, access Financial Aid information in the student portal, submit documents electronically and receive any responses to emails and system ticket requests.  If any interested FWS students have not accepted e-consent yet or declined it may be more difficult and time consuming for you to participate in FWS while we are still remote, and will remain partially remote for the coming semester.   It is your rigth to decline electronic consent, though please be aware that If we are not able to communicate with you in this way, you will have to rely on US Mail to send and receive inquiries and documentation.




UPDATE:  March 2021 All Work Study positions for 2020-21 are filled.

UPDATE:  October 2020 Great News!!  We are happy to report that we have received guidance to move forward with hiring a limited number of returning Work Study [WS] eligible students for areas that have identified themselves as having a need to hire and for whom are able to supervise student workers remotely [see list below].   Students who were active WS working in Spring 2020, you may be eligible to return to work if your location has a position available.  For eligible WS students who were active WS working during the Spring 2020 semester at a location NOT shown in the list below can request to intereview for any open positions [provided positions are still available].  We are actively reviewing and processing eligible returning students and sending notifcations with instructions via email.  Please note: At this time we are not able to hire New Work Study students.  Check back regularly for updates. 

DEPARTMENTS Participating Fall/Spring 2020-21
CULINARY [On-Campus, limited to activeCulinary Students only]


ANNOUNCEMENT FWS 2020-2021 - 7/1/2020

At this time, the Financial Aid Office is not able to provide students, staff or the community with information on positions available on the Federal Work Study (FWS) Program for Fall 2020. As of 07/01/2020, we are yet to receive guidance on regulatory relief from the U.S. Department of Education applicable to the Fall 20 semester.  As a general rule FWS students are not permitted to work unsupervised therefore not permitted to work from home.  The guidance and administrative relief issued by the Department of Education for the remainder of the Spring 20 semester expired on May 30, 2020. As the State and the SDCCD Board weigh in on changes to the re-opening plan, and hopefully approve some kind of permissible plan for all 3 Colleges, the information on this page will be updated.



Federal Work Study funds for the full school year generally will begin to be awarded in July.

Federal Work Study (FWS) allows students the opportunity to earn part of their Financial Aid by working in assigned jobs, both on and off campus.

Awarding of FWS funds is extremely limited due to the small amount of funds received each year. In General, FWS awards can potentially range up to $6,000 per school year depending on each student's individual potential eligibility. Students must be in Good Standing based on the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policies to be considered for FWS. 
[NOTE: Students in a disqualified Financial Aid status will not be eligible for Work Study.]

Eligibility is determined based on the following priority criteria:

  • FAFSA application date (For priority consideration, your FAFSA must be filed no later than April 15th for any coming school year, for example:  April 15, 2020 for 20/21, April 15, 2021 for 21/22, etc.)
  • File complete date
  • Financial need based on the FAFSA methodology and EFC.
  • First-Come, First-Served priority

If eligible: Interested students should check in with the Financial Aid Office at SD Mesa College to request Work Study.  If determined eligible, the student will be given an employment packet, including a Live Scan Fingerprint scan, TB test and series of employment forms.  There is a limited timeline to complete the steps once the employment packet is received and the award accepted.  If not accepted by the date posted [See the Payment & Disbursement Dates page for the latest posted Deadline to Accept your Work Study Award. ], the award will be cancelled and passed on to an eligible student on the waiting list (See section Waiting List).  Returning students (a student who had worked the previous academic year) will be given priority re-hire if eligible. 

Once the initial hiring steps are all complete, the Work Study Coordinator will schedule a meeting to verify the student eligibility, review all documentation and provide a referral to interview at the desired department or employment location. Note: Students with convictions may be ineligible to work depending on the type and number of convictions.

During the initial placement interview the Work Study Coordinator will match the student with an appropriate department based on the student's skills, course of study, and prior experience as well as department need, availability, an equitable distribution of workers throughout the program and ultimately the student's desired location (if available). A referral is made and the student will meet with the area supervisor for an interview. If accepted, the student worker will establish a schedule with the supervisor.  A start date will be scheduled once the employment packet has successfully been routed and the student's  payroll established.

Waiting LIST

Students who are interested in a Work Study position and were not awarded initially, please check in with the Financial Aid office front desk to check on your eligibility to be on the waiting list.  Those students who have filed their FAFSA by the posted deadline for Work Study (as described above) and were not awarded may still be able to receive an award, and will be given priority in a first-come, first-served basis, provided the students SD Mesa College Financial Aid file is complete, aid eligibility was successfully determined and the student has remaining unmet need, in addition to meeting SAP and being enrolled a minimum of half-time.  The Financial Aid office generally begins offering Work Study opportunities to those eligible students on the waiting list by October, after available funds are assessed.

When does a Federal Work Study student get paid?

Payroll for the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) happens monthly. A timecard and timesheet are sent directly to the supervisor. As work is completed each month, the timecard(s) will be processed by the payroll services department and a check mailed to the worker on the 10th of the following month. Direct deposit is available and encouraged.

How long can a Federal Work Study student work?

Generally, FWS is offered for the full school year (9 months). In order to be placed in the program the FWS student must maintain at least half-time enrollment during the entire period. Once the amount allocated in the student's financial aid package is earned or the period of enrollment is completed, the job ends. If a student withdraws from all of his/her classes, the student's eligibility for FWS ends. FWS is a job, and in every way is treated as such. The student worker can be fired from a job and removed from the program

Students are paid a salary that is at least equal to the current minimum wage, but all current Federal Work Study jobs currently pay more than the minimum wage. Federal Work Study is different from the other financial aid programs in that a student is allocated a certain amount of money to earn. As work on the job is completed, a monthly time card is submitted for the hours worked just as at a regular job. Once a month, the student receives a paycheck for the hours worked for the previous month.

Potential Jobs Available for Eligible SD MESA COLLEGE Work Study student workers

Student Aide I & II, Peer Counselor, Reader/Grader, Tutor I & II,
Administrative Aide

CURRENT HOURLY RATES:  $14.00 p/hr  [updated January 2021]

Below is a list of sites/departments at San Diego Mesa College that currently have or have had in the past positions available for San Diego Mesa College Financial Aid Work Study employees to interview for potential employment.  [availability is not guaranteed and is subject to change throughout the academic year].

AMERICA READS - Lafayette Elementary

Tutor II

Veterinary Technology

Student Aide

Architecture Program

Student Aide

Art Department & Gallery

Student Aide

(various locations including Fitness Center)

Student Aide

Biology (various sections)

Student Aide

Black Studies

Student Aide

Bookstore (not currently available)

Student Aide

Business Services – Campus (not currently available)

Student Aide


Student Aide

Chicano Studies

Student Aide

Child Development Center

Student Aide & Tutor II

College Police (not currently available)

Student Aide


Student Aide

Dental Assisting Program

Student Aide

Drama Department

Student Aide


Student Aide

English (various sections)

Student Aide


Student Aide

Fashion Program

Student Aide

Fine Art/LRC

Student Aide

Honors Program

Student Aide

Humanities & Languages

Student Aide

Interior Design Program

Student Aide

International Education

Student Aide

Languages Program

Student Aide


Student Aide

Math Department



Student Aide

Music Department

Student Aide

Proyecto Exito

Student Aide

Puente Program

Student Aide

Reprographics, Mail & College Tech Services

Student Aide

SEEDS Program

Student Aide


Student Aide & Tutor

Student Affairs

Student Aide

Student Health Center

Student Aide & Peer Counselor

the Stand

Student Aide

Transfer / Evaluations / Career Center(s)

Student Aide

Tutoring & Computing Center MT2C

Student Aide & Tutor

Download and complete the Department Work Study Request form to create a Work Study position in your department or program on campus [refer to the Work Study classifications listed below].  Print the completed form, request your Dean or Deparment Manager approve and sign, submit the signed original to Mesa Financial Aid office Work Study Coordinator.  NOTE:  If you are an outside agency with a potential community service related Work Study postition, please contact the Fiancial Aid Office directly.  

Direct links to SDCCD Employment Applications.

This is a list of direct links to online applications for Federal Work Study student positions.  

Non-Academic Non-Classified (NANC)




            W1008 STUDENT AIDE II  




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