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Hepatitis A Vaccine

Hepatitis B vaccine

The Hepatitis B immunization series is as follows:

You will receive the first injection at your initial visit. The second injection is due 1 month later. The third injection is due 5 months after the first injection or no sooner than 4 months after the second injection.

Influenza vaccine

TDAP Vaccine

Tuberculosis Information

- Mon and Tues 8:00-11:00 AM, 1:00-4:00 PM
- Fee: Student: $12 (cash only)

1. The TB test you will be getting is called the Mantoux test and the PDD (purified protein derivative) solution will be injected interdermally (under the skin) on the left forearm. Consult with the provider at SHS to see if the PDD skin test is the best testing option for you.

2. You must return in 48 hours to have the test "read" and form signed.

3. If you do not return for the results, you will be responsible for having the test repeated and paying the fee again.

MMR Vaccine


Hep a & b combo vaccine