Diversity Pledge Video
Diversity Pledge Video




I declare myself to be a person of honor

I declare myself to be a person of integrity

I declare myself to be a person of knowledge and understanding

I am committed to living my life with an inclusive mindset

I am committed to diversity regardless of color, age, class, citizenship, country of origin, ethnicity, gender, language, marital status, mental ability, nationality, personal expression, physical ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or religion.

This is my commitment.

I accept people who may be different from me.

I respect others as I respect myself.

I don’t buy into stereotypes.

I challenge unfair generalizations.

I continually educate myself about our unique differences.

I initiate conversations to encourage mutual learning.

I choose to see myself in everyone I meet.

I embrace the value that each of us brings to the world.

I intervene whenever I see discrimination happening.

I work with our campus to demonstrate that hate will not be tolerated at Mesa College.

I strive for a campus culture that is free of discrimination.

I participate in events that promote cultural awareness.

I am a valuable part of a campus that celebrates freedom, dignity and mutual respect.

This is my declaration.

We are all part of one global family.